Saturday, 13 May 2017

14/5/2017 - #Vanlife and simplicity

Get a vanlife!  Nothing beats it! Try it today & be forever changed!
Sometimes a simple #Vanlife is all you really need to be happy. 
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Saturday, 29 April 2017

30/4/2017 - Everyone keep traveling its a reminder that we're free!!

4WD camping, New South Wales, Australia

Chilean Patagonian Andes

Milford Sounds, New Zealand

New Zealand's Southern Alps

Wellington Coast, New Zealand

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

25/04/2017 - My Original Lifelong Bucket List completed

Many of you reading this surely have a "bucket list".    I hope I can inspire you by telling you that as of April 2015 I have completed mine.  Its taken me a while to post this as I normally keep this sort of thing to myself, but I wanted to share it with everyone. So here you go:

  1. 2012:  Earned my wings (private pilots license)
  2. 2015:  Traveled to, stepped foot on and went bivvy camping on Antarctica
  3. 2015:  Solo 5400kms expedition/drive through the Patagonian Andes
  4. 2010:  Trekked the Mt Everest basecamp (EBC) trek- Chomolungma (Mother Goddess of the world)
  5. 2015:  Build and still use a true 4WD Expedition Camper van
  6. 2005:  Climbed a large mountain (alpine climbing) in Alaska
  7. 2013:  Went to Fiji and island hopped for 24 days
  8. 2005:  Solo drive the Alaska Highway 3860 miles in WINTER from Seattle to Anchorage under the Northern Lights
  9. 2001: Solo 2600 mile drive across the continental USA
  10. 2001: Skied at the birthplace of downhill skiing in Davos, Switzerland.

I am now working on my next bucket list.   I am in my mid-40s and feeling like I am 25 or 30 still! I hope this blog post can inspire others to keep dreaming and working towards their dreams! 

Col Norman D. Vaughan - RIP
My lifelong motto:  “Dream big and dare to fail!”

My lifelong hero: 
Col. Norman D. Vaughan

Saturday, 8 April 2017

9/4/2017 - Bondi Beach: Doing nothing on a perfect Sunday morning...

Even van camping on a city beach parking is nice.. the morning here is magnificent..

Sunday, 26 March 2017

27/3/2017 - Sandblasting, galvinising and powder coating along side new UHF radio & LED HD lights (Part I)

Even though I already have a really nice portable, waterproof/submersible, UHF 5 watt radio/GPS receiver and a nice 4000 lumen LED bar on my van's bull bar, I wanted more lights and a real CB style radio.  So I ordered the following items as such and took my van to a 4WD specialist here in Sydney.  
AE4703 UHF h/D Radome Antenna, 6.6 dBi
My new CV radio - GME TX3100DP Super Compact UHF
Additionally, for a while now I have been wanting some work powder coating work done on my van. Namely I wanted to get the growing rush problem off my rear ladder, bull bar/engine bash plate and my snorkel. You see when this custom work was originally done,  I didn't have the budget for powdering so I went with standard painting. I guess living on the ocean I paid the price with rust!   Anyway check out the rust on this baby!

My bull bar alone removed from the front and underside of the van

This was just added - a platform for my new lights and an antenna holder.

My bull bar, bash plate, rear ladder and snorkel all ready to get fixed up nice!
This is just part 1 of this post because part II will be when its finished and looking all flash!  This is going to take some time to get this all sorted, so please do keep tuned in for more!

Monday, 13 March 2017

13/3/2017 - From Australia, it's time for hunting! Let the adventure begin!


It's been a long time since I have posted a blog entry.  After pain and trial, I finally imported my van across the Tasman Sea to Australia.  Now, its time to start exploring this great country.  Also, after getting my NSW firearms license, what else is there to do but
get a permit to hunt zombies?   :)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

24/7/2016 - Ski fields shut due to warm, windy rain! It's .308 shooting time again! :-)

The mountain was shut all weekend due to heavy rain, gale winds and overall crap weather.   Yes, so I wanted to take the van up to mountain skiing, but oh well. Rather I pulled out my .308 rifle and went to the range on a rather windy, gusty day.  It made for some challenging target shooting that's for sure.  The great snow base we had until Friday afternoon, was good.  Now? Unsure! :( 

I love sharp shooting.. It teaches concentration and patience
Borrowing the range sighting scope, but the wind made it wobbly @ 60x

My 420van takes me everywhere fun!

pew pew pew...  

The end result?  Well I did OK considering I was fighting near gale winds twisting each shot.   The unpredictable wind made me accidentally take out the girl, sorry hun!  I got 3 perfect head shots from the zombie on the right. The centre zombie I got well, but the only shot I took at the left zombie was a miss. Darn!  
I brought up two 1L water filled plastic bottles for fun. I destroyed them with 1 shot each. I forgot to record it on video, oh well next time I promise as I know that sort of stuff looks great at 10% speed playback.  Cheers!